Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Home Improvement Goes Green

Portland, Oregon is regarded as one of the greenest cities in America. As a Portland real estate professional, new home buyers often ask, “What’s available for environmentally friendly homes?” To my surprise, green architecture doesn’t seem to be catching on very quickly with Oregon homes. Yes, there are a few projects popping up here and there, but the majority of newly built homes for sale are following many of the same old environmentally unfriendly guidelines.

My response to Portland, Oregon residents and new home buyers is this, “Get into the house you like and make environmentally friendly improvements on your own.” When your financial situation is right, pull some equity out of your home to make some green improvements. Why wait a decade for Portland real estate builders to go green, when you can get started with your current home? The following are some easy tips for making your home and lifestyle green:

  • Have insulated windows installed to conserve heat.
  • Buy energy efficient appliances and replace your desktop computers with laptops.
  • Have your yard landscaped in a way that conserves water and requires less maintenance.
  • Have an advanced climate control system installed.
  • Have skylights installed.
  • Go to home depot to get water saving showerheads and fluorescent light bulbs.
  • Call PGE to get on their renewable energy program.

There are a couple hundred more tricks for making your house green. These are some of the more feasible ideas that generate the greatest results. Some of these tips are less extreme, whereas many of these tips can be made affordable by refinancing your home and using some equity. As a bonus, green improvements aren't just good for the environment, they save you money too!

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