Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Of Course There's No Lull in Mortgage Pitches!

Naturally everyone is concerned about the current housing and mortgage lending trends, but some people really take their concern to the extreme, as in this article Monday from the New York Times. Of course lenders and realtor associations need to be held accountable and advise responsibly, but to suggest that they shouldn’t be advertising because we’re in a down market? That’s crazy. Here are a few reasons why:

1.The real estate market is cyclical. Just because home prices might fall a little bit over the next six months doesn’t mean that thirty years from now you won’t be glad you bought a home today.

2.A lot of people already have mortgages and if you think refinancing your loan to a 5% fixed rate (like a few lucky people did a couple of weeks ago) isn’t a good idea just because Countrywide Financial is having some difficulty right now – well, you can go ahead and pay too much if you want to.

3.The sky is not falling. There’s a lot of opportunity out there and the people who work in the industry are taking advantage of it if they have the means to do so. It’s unfortunate that some people are experiencing hard times, but that they have to get rid of their house is an opportunity for the people who have the money to buy them and for the companies who have the money to refinance them into something they can afford. If you want to hide under a rock because there’s a blip in the financial market, go ahead, but that doesn’t mean you’re the smart one.

Just like stock investors switch strategies to make money in a down market, so do real estate investors. As for what regular ma and pa homeowners and would-be homeowners should do? If history is an indicator, the odds are good that the sun will continue to rise every day for the foreseeable future and that Americans will continue to want to live in houses. Home ownership is not suddenly a “bad” investment, generally speaking.

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