Thursday, October 25, 2007

Could I Accidentally be Foreclosed on?

In a crisis situation there is no institution more aggravating to have to deal with to get it straightened out than a bank. On second thought, maybe the government would win that contest, but banks are definitely a close second.

I have a Home Equity Line of Credit through my bank. Having worked in the mortgage lending industry since I was just twenty-two, I'm a teensy bit of a fanatic about making sure I make my mortgage payments on time. So imagine my distress when I heard a message on my answering machine from my HELOC lender's foreclosure department. I called the number they left, but when they started asking for my personal information I panicked, wondering if it was some kind of an identity-theft operation (not that I'm paranoid or anything). The conversation went like this:

Me: I'm not giving you any personal information -- I don't even know who you are!

Unfortunate Customer Service Rep: Ma'am, you called ME. I can't help you without your personal information.

So instead I decided to call the general customer service number, so I could be sure I was actually calling my bank. And they said they didn't know why I was being called because my payment history is perfect.

I verified that it was actually the foreclosure department calling, so I called them back to give them my personal information and they said, "Sorry, we have no record of you here whatsoever."

How can that be when they're calling me every day saying I must call them back regarding a debt collection?

No one at the bank knows the answer to that question.

Now mostly this is just annoying, but I also have a wonderful lady who cares for my children three afternoons per week, and she's been hearing these calls. Not only does it embarrass me, but I'm afraid she's thinking, wow these people can't even make their house payment, I'd better look for another job -- and we REALLY don't want to lose her!

I need to call the bank again today, but I then I think I might as well just hit myself over the head with a shovel several times -- same result, less aggravating.

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